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 "Unleashed Potential 

Simple Steps to Be The Best Version of Yourself

Have you ever wanted more out of your career or life, but just weren’t sure where to start? Through constant learning and self-evaluation over the last 30 years Jeff shares simple steps he took to start to unleash his potential. 

  • Understand Yourself – identifying strengths and weaknesses

  • Importance of Communication – internal and external communication

  • Developing Yourself – importance of coaches, mentors, tribes, and a confidante

  • Setting the Proper Course – setting BIG life goals, strategies, and tactics


Jeff shares real-life stories to assist in making a connection with you and how you can find your way to unleashing your potential.  It all begins with self-awareness, being vulnerable, and being confident in who you are.  It is scary but incredibly powerful.

There is never a finish line to unleashing your potential because every day we should be striving to learn and grow, and these 4 areas can become a way of life for you just like they have for Jeff.

Don't wait on unleashing the potential you know you have inside you.  BUY the book now!

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